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Administrative and Judicial Defenses

Our team of lawyers and auditors offers the most adequate representation before the Internal Revenue Service in the face of a review by said body and defense before the Tributary, Customs and Courts for liquidations or tax returns.

We know that the review processes can mean an additional requirement to your company, which is why we bring our experience in audit processes to better face this period, accompanying your signature at all stages, from the first notification to the end of the process.


Our team has extensive experience in legal and tax implementation in all types of business and family reorganizations.


We identify the possible risks, contingencies and tax opportunities, delivering a quantification that allows us to make the best decisions considering at all times compliance with current regulations.

We prepare all the legal and tax documentation to implement the options decided considering the personal and / or business impacts and supporting through reports, advice and presenting in the administrative organizations so that everything is perfected.

We perform tax Due diligence and we have in our team Tax Experts approved by the Courts of Appeals of the country.

Tax Advice

We answer the various tax questions generated in relation to the development of your business. We carry out an exhaustive review in the judicial and administrative jurisprudence, and in case of no precedents, we elaborate the consultations before the pertinent organisms.

We support our clients in the compliance processes before the relevant bodies, tax declarations, sworn statements, among others.

Our professionals develop their work in close contact with the management of your company, in order to understand your business and propose solutions that adapt to your reality.

We structure and review contracts with clients both in the country and abroad to fully comply with current regulations, optimizing tax burdens and tax withholdings.

Law Reports

Due to the close contact of our professionals with important universities, they gather the experience and knowledge necessary to issue legal pronouncements on tax matters.

These reports can be very useful for trials or before making business decisions since the complexity of tax matters may require the opinion of experts.


Training through lectures and courses

Our team has accredited academic experience, teaching at the best universities in the country, so you can add value to the training you plan for your staff.


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